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Does your home's exterior need cleaning? Look no further.We can clean any surface needed. Whether it's your home's siding, eaves, driveways, decks, or any other surface. If it needs a bath, we can help. Our pressure washing, soft washing, and window cleaning service will deliver superior results that will make your property look new again. 
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Let our pressure washing and exterior cleaning make every surface shine
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Services We offer
House Washing
Roof Washing
Concrete and hard surface Pressure Washing (driveways, decks, pavers, etc.) 
Wood Deck Cleaning
Fence Washing
Rust Stain Removal
Gutter Cleaning
Commercial Pressure Washing
Paver Cleaning
Enhanced Curb Appeal & Increased Property Value
The obvious benefit! Having the exterior of your property cleaned can reveal the true beauty of your home or business. Regular cleaning can be a cost effective way to show a higher value for your home when getting ready to sell. 
Damage Prevention
Mold, mildew, algae, and full gutters can deteriorate and damage surfaces over time. Keeping your property clean can extend the lifespan of your paint, siding, roof, gutters, and other exterior surface like wood decking.
Prevent Slip & Fall Hazards
Algae, mold, and moss are very slippery on surfaces. Especially after rainfall. Provide yourself and others with a safe environment by having these surfaces pressure washed when needed. Especially high traffic areas that are exposed to rainfall like walkways and driveways.
What Our Clients Say About Us
How does your quoting process work?
Our process starts when we receive a request for a quote. We communicate through email, phone or text. Whichever you prefer. We will first introduce ourselves. We then will ask for what needs cleaning around the property, the property address, and your name. We will take a look online using the property information and satellite imaging to find the information needed to quote cleaning the dirty areas around the property. We will then send you the quote. We will include our certificate of insurance with the quote. We will request a time and day to schedule the service if you choose to move forward with the cleaning quote. We aim to keep this as simple and convenient as possible for all of our customers.
Are you licensed and insured?
Yes we are. We are fully licensed and insured to operate in the state of Florida. We provide our certificate of insurance with every quote sent to our customers so there is no guess work needed. We want all of our customers to be worry free when we are on the property cleaning.
Frequently Asked Questions
The solutions we use to wash houses are biodegradable. When washing anywhere near landscaping, we always both pre-rinse and post-rinse the landscaping as an added precaution when washing houses. We also dilute our mixes all the way down to 10:1 (10 parts water for 1 part cleaning solution) to keep everything super mild when working around landscaping. 
Will the cleaning harm my plants?
Nobody needs to be home during the time of service. We can obtain the information we need to complete the quote online. We can send you the quote via email or phone virtually and schedule a time of service. All we need is water hookup outside to complete the cleaning. We can send you the invoice virtually as well. This is an added benefit of the 21st century and working with us at DPW where we use the technology at our fingertips when it's handy. 
I'm busy. Do I need to be at the home for the service?
Step 1: Provide us with your name & email or shoot us a call/text requesting a free quote.

Step 2: We will introduce ourselves and request some basic information about what & where we will be cleaning. That will give us what we need to be able to generate the quote.

Step 3: We will provide you with the quote through your preferred form of communication and work out a time and date to schedule the cleaning! 
**we will never share your information with anyone**
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